Choosing the right blockchain advisor/Consultant

Due to the popularity blockchain technology has achieved, more and more people are becoming blockchain consultants/Advisors. So it is vital to select the right people to get advises due to the risk involved.There is no big history for cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology. The reality is only few years of experience will differentiate one consultant from another.


You need to find a person/organization which is always see whats going in the market. These are some factors you need to consider when choosing your advisor/consultant.



Finding people with experience only in cryptocurrencies is not going to help you. While you choose qualified in cryptocurrencies is important to identify their prior history in area such as finance, marketing, Management.


International Exposure

Blockchain technology is a global thing. So find an entity/person which has exposure to international market rather than an entity which has  only local exposure/experience.


Background Checks

Do a comprehensive internet research about the entity/people. If you find that your service provider is recommended by other people its a positive sign.


Published Content

Has your service provider published content already? Have a look at what they have done. Have they contributed to any research or white papers.  If so you have chosen the right person.

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